In a world where everything changes so fast we offer you efficient and relevant technology solutions to accelerate your business.


• Secure Shared Hosted File Servers
• Microsoft Office 365
• Mail Hosting
• Virtual Private Servers
• Email Boxes
• Catered Secure Cloud Backup Solutions
• In The Cloud Office Solutions
• Secured In-browser File Server with: 
 Word, Spreadsheets, Pdf,  Photo Viewer and Video Player
• Continuous Maintenance and Improvements

• Linux Shared Hosting on Latest  Whm™ and Cpanel™
• Latest Php and Mysql
• Packages for all Requirements
• Reliability and Scalability
• 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
• Unlimited Traffic on all Our Packages
• One-click WordPress Installations
• Backup Included in all our Packages
• 50mb Mailbox for R10/pm on

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